A relaxing seating area is as important as your working area. Creating a space where team members can take a moment to think, brainstorm with colleagues, meet clients informally, or just grab a bite could not be easier with our contemporary options.


For almost 70 years the Doimo companies furnishes houses, offices, hotels, residential and commercial spaces. The Doimo’s mission is more than ever focused on significant values such as Italian manufacture under the Made in Italy label, quality, attention to details, comfort, functionality and design, with a constant eye on environmental sustainability.


Back in 1979, when the first plant of DROMEAS was built in the Industrial Area of Serres, it is certain that we had dreams, great dreams. But, no one could imagine that, from this corner of Macedonian land, sometime the total of European Commission’s services would be supplied with furniture.

Today, 40 years later, we are sharing the pride and joy that the contract of exclusive supply of office furniture to all Institutions and Directorates of European Commission gives us. These years were not easy, neither success was accidental. It came as a product of a coordinated effort of DROMEAS’ people, continuous investing and adherence to our three non-negotiable goals. Quality, consistency and high added value, through vertical integration of production. These are the secrets of DROMEAS’ success, which moreover become obvious to everyone that visits us or honouring with their preference to our products.

Armed with research, cooperation with worldwide distinguished designers and 40 years of experience in manufacture and with ambassadors our products and their satisfied users in whole length and width of the globe, we continue the tireless course of DROMEAS to a promising and exciting future.


Flokk provides a wide range of furniture and acoustic solutions. With a shared belief in human-centred and sustainable design, each of our brands has its own unique identity, and their own stories to tell.


At .mdd, we believe that improved working life is trust-based. We examine the needs of our partners looking for the best and unique solutions. We work to meet your expectations, regardless of whether you come to us with a design idea or a need for an improved office space.

Behind the global success of our company there are people who care for the highest quality of performing actions. We know that good performance relies on people feeling psychological safe and cared for, enabling them to concentrate on what they are good at.


Our company’s path has been marked by many stages: from Luigina’s individual company to the establishment of Milani S.r.L. in Meolo in 1997, up to the opening of the new headquarters in Roncade in 2015 to celebrate the company’s forty year anniversary.
A path marked by the spirit and values we have inherited from the past: passion and dedication to work. A philosophy that continues today with the entry of the new generation and the commitment of the daughters Nicoletta, Giuliana and Francesca to the company’s management.

Our continuous search for a strategic proposal to meet clients’ needs is an approach that has allowed us to develop and evolve as a company and establish relationships with international markets. Our sales network extends throughout Europe, Canada, Latin America and the Arab countries.

The desire to broaden our horizons and create synergies of professionalism and expertise with other companies in the area is part of our identity. This is why we have chosen to be part of the UniVerso Treviso consortium, to support and sponsor the Treviso Basketball team.


Born from the synergy of various manufacturing companies in the office and community furniture sector, the UNISIT group represents an emerging reality in the national production fabric.

A 360° production of chairs, furniture and office accessories that respond to the safety, ergonomics, quality and environmental impact para materials that are now indispensable in the workplace.

The specialisation and decades of experience in the specific sector guarantee a solid basis for offering collaboration to international partners but also valid support to all retailers dedicated to furnishing and setting up offices and communities.

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