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    Since its founding in 1946, Laurel, a manufacturer specialising in cash-handling machines, has consistently been the world’s vanguard in developing the industry’s latest technologies that have contributed greatly to the efficiency and progress in cash handling operations worldwide.

    They intend to meet customer needs through innovation and enhancement in cash-handling technology as well as serve society by offering epoch-making solutions through their high technologies and ever-improving development resources.

    Laurel believes that their development as an organisation is owed to our achievements throughout the years in becoming an established partner for our customers, and most importantly, the faith of their customers. They continue to strive to be the company of choice by offering products and services that truly serve their purpose.

    Amid growing concern for the environment, they aim for an environmentally-friendly production through recycling and green procurement. Furthermore, they are energetically internationalising with worldwide material procurement, production, and business and technological affiliations.



    Note Counter

    The Laurel X8 is a high-speed multi-currency 1.5 pocket Banknote Counter and Sorter. This machine iscapable of authentication and value counting. It is one of the smallest but fastest desktop banknote sorters available.

    Laurel’s new colour touch screen with flat design concept enables the operator to verify each operation and to observe more information easily. Through continuous research and customer feedback, Laurel has succeeded in giving the X8 the highest durability ever in the history of the X Series.

    The counting speed has been increased by 30% from previous models, providing more efficiency on your operation. The Laurel X8 includes; value, counting, pre-set, denomination sorting, face & orientation sorting and issue functions.

    It uses UV, MG and IR detection to autheticate banknotes. Currently Euro, Bank of England Sterling, Scottish Banknote and U.S. Dollar banknote programs are available.

    Key Features

    Feature Details
    Counting Speed 1150 notes/minute
    Hopper Capacity 500 notes
    Stacker Capacity 250 notes
    Maximum Currencies 30 currencies

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