KonMari-ing The Office

Raise your hand if clutter is a constant presence in your office. Old sandwich wrappers, coffee cups, printing accidents and misplaced files all seem to naturally accumulate in many offices creating a general feeling of disorganisation and well, mess. However, we all know that a clear space is the precursor of a clear mind and a clear mind helps us to work better. So, how can we get into that optimal space? There might be a tool that helps us do just that.

The KonMari Method was created by the renowned organisation consultant Marie Kondo. Through her books and media appearances, Marie has inspired a global decluttering movement that focuses on the concept of decluttering and tidying up as the tools through which we can create serene and tranquil surroundings that help us to find joy in our everyday spaces.

Today we’re taking a leaf out of the Marie Kondo philosophy and seeing how we can apply it to our working space. Whether you are working from home or operating from the office, these tips will surely help you to refresh your environment.

The Perfectly Set Up Office

  • Identify the why – Knowing why a clean office can beneficial is the best way to keep you motivated. A clean and organized office will help you do your tasks better which in turn will help with your overall performance at work and your career prospects. We’d say that this is a sufficiently motivating reason to tidy up.
  • Choose what sparks joy – This concept is at the core of the KonMari philosophy. Essentially, it revolves around the idea that we should only keep items that spark joy. You might be saying that the office is hardly the place where we seek joy and it is certainly a fair point. However, being surrounded by items that are beautiful or meaningful can make our working day better. This could be as small as a plant in a pretty pot or a memorable family photo on your desk.
  • The future is digital – The easiest way to a clutter-free office is to go digital. Having all your work online will automatically reduce the amount of files and papers lying around your space.
  • Do a little every day – It is easy to take 10 minutes out of your day and allocate it to decluttering. This is the simplest way to ensure that your working space stays in tip top condition. So, clear out your bin, take your cups back to the kitchen and tidy up your desk before calling it a day. 

We spend more than 40 hours a week in our office, so it is important that it is an environment that helps us to be in the best mind frame to pursue our professional goals. By using the Kon Mari method, you can ensure that there is a little bit of joy in our working day.