Make It Green—The Best Office Plants

Imagine spending your working day surrounded by lush vegetation or overlooking stunning landscapes. The possibility to be outside (or in close proximity) while conducting our tasks in beautiful surroundings is something that many of us dream of. However, many of us work from offices or our homes and this is only a dream. The solution? Bring the outdoors indoors.

For the large majority of people who typically work from an office this year has brought about impressive changes to our notions of the working environment. Many of us have been working exclusively from home while others have been working in half-empty offices for some days of the week. We know, it is hardly inspiring to work from the same nook in your kitchen day in day out or an office that is no longer buzzing with activity. Luckily, plants provide an ingenious way in which to liven up our space. 

The Benefits 

The benefits that plants bring to our indoor spaces have long been documented and we can easily say that it’s a win-win scenario for us. For instance, did you know that plants can help us to concentrate? Studies have shown that plants can help our concentration and productivity levels by a little less than 20%. They are also beneficial to our stress levels and our mood. We think that this is a pretty impressive track record.

Moreover, plants produce oxygen which in turn helps to remove toxins, purify our air and help us to breathe better. 

The Best Options

It is not necessary to have a green thumb in order to have a verdant office. These are all options that require minimal upkeep but provide many benefits. 

Snake Plants – The snake plant is known for its air-purifying qualities. It is also practically impossible to kill, inexpensive and looks very aesthetically pleasing in a minimalist pot.

The Money Tree – Quite possibly the only instance where you’ll experience the phenomenon of money growing on trees. It is said that this plant helps to attract wealth and good luck. Apart from this, for centuries, this plant has also been used as a natural way in which to reduce anxiety and promote serenity.

Succulents – Succulents have been having a bit of a moment in the limelight and you’ve probably have been seeing them all over your Instagram feed in chic pots and planters. It turns out that succulents are not only pretty to look at but they also have an impressive benefit profile. Apart from being air-purifiers, succulents are known for their humidity balancing properties. This means less sore throats and dry skin caused by air-conditioners. 

Not only does nature make our working environment look better but it also contributes directly to our well-being. In other words, it’s safe to say that nature is one of the coolest teammates that we can have working with us.