The Great Outdoors – Top Tips for Your Office Outdoor Space

Ah spring! We’re so happy to see you again!

It’s safe to say that spring is probably our favourite season; it’s not too cold and it’s not too cold, the days are longer and the sun is shining almost every day. So, if you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor space at work or you’re working from home and you have an outdoor area…we say it’s time to move the working day outside.

A good dose of Vitamin D does not only improve our mood but it can also do wonders for that dreaded brain fog feeling that sometimes seeps in especially when we’re working. Vitamin D has also been proven to help improve our memory and problem-solving abilities. In other words, spending a part of your working day outside can make you more efficient. 

What should a great outdoor office space include? Every space and working dynamic are different, so your needs are definitely unique. However, there are some universal principles that would make any outdoor working space that are a little bit more functional. 

  1. Connect, connect, connect – Connectivity is probably the most important consideration to keep in mind. After all, no one wants to spend their working day struggling with patchy internet and fragmented Zoom meetings. So, start out my check that there is great coverage throughout your outdoor area. After you’ve ensured that your WiFi is working well, you can start thinking about the space itself.
  1. Think objectively – Take time to consider your space well. For instance, which spots best in terms of noise? Which areas could include seating areas without creating an obstruction to the flow of the space? Once you have given this some thought you can start to plan out the space around your usage needs. Think about creating a comfortable but ergonomic seating area from which you can work for hours at a time, scope the area to see where you can include big or little pockets of greenery and if you’d like to go the extra mile a serene water feature to cancel out background noise. 
  1. Shade it – While sunshine is a beautiful thing to enjoy, it is also important to create adequate shade above your seating area to ensure that you are comfortable for longer periods of time. A simple retractable awning is affordable, easy to install and gives you the flexibility to opt for shade or sunshine, depending on your mood. 
  1. Chill a bit – After all, it would be a shame if your outdoor area doesn’t fulfil its primary objective. So, ensure that your seating is comfortable (and fun) enough to be enjoyed after hours and there is still ample space where it is possible to enjoy a bottle of beer and a good chat. 

Having the possibility to spend part of your working day outdoors can go a long way to re-energise your mind and improve your overall well-being. The outdoor space at the office or in your home can do much more than host a work event or a weekend BBQ. A little sprucing up can go a long way towards transforming  into a little working oasis that functions all week.